Cooling Towers

Lead Management offers turnkey solutions for wide range of industrial and commercial evaporative heat rejection requirements.

We represent Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) in Singapore. BAC has range of products for evaporative cooling and we are well positioned to support your needs on improving system efficiency, reduce energy consumption and minimize the water usage by choosing a better equipment for your design concept.

Baltimore Aircoil Company has proven track record in performance and reliability over years and offer certified products with CTI, FM, IBS, ASHREA, OSHA & LEED.


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Open circuit cooling towers

Open Circuit Cooling Towers use an environmentally friendly evaporative cooling process, resulting in maximum energy savings and operating efficiency.

  • Energy efficient
  • Higher Heat Rejection With Smaller Foot Prints
  • CTI certified across full range
  • Durable construction
  • Reduced installation cost
S3000, Compass, S1500, VT0/VT1, VTL, FXT, PT2
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Closed circuit cooling towers

Closed Circuit Cooling Towers use a clean, closed loop in a highly efficient evaporative heat transfer process to cool water and other process fluids while isolating the process fluid from the outside air stream.

FXV, PF2, PFI & Series V
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Evaporative condensers

The new CXVT Evaporative Condenser offers a cost effective solution for both the owner and the installing contractor by reducing operation cost, improving reliability and reducing installation costs. The CXVT Evaporative Condenser is now available with XE (Extreme Efficiency) models to further reduce operating costs.

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Ice thermal storage

Baltimore Aircoil Company is the world leader in Ice Thermal Storage Technology providing customers with reduced energy costs, minimized peak electrical demand, and lower system costs. Internationally BAC has over 3,000 installations and 30 years of experience meeting customer needs for reliable cooling with energy savings.

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Evaporative condensers

The HXV, BAC’s Closed Circuit Hybrid Cooling Tower offers a unique solution to some of the most challenging projects in the world. This product utilizes Combined Flow Technology with the addition of a finned dry coil to bring you the best of both evaporative and dry cooling in a single, energy efficient, and water conserving unit. This is achieved by optimizing combined dry/wet, adiabatic, and dry operating modes. The HXV delivers a comprehensive solution for a variety of applications where continuous operation is critical, water costs are high, water supply is limited, or plume is a concern.

Closed circuit cooling towers, Trillium series condensers
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Turnkey solutions

Lead Management offers turnkey solutions with supply, installation, testing and commissioning of package equipment and associated ACMV piping and electrical installation works.

From concept to final commissioning, Lead management can manage almost any evaporative cooling installation.

Our turnkey solutions include:
  • Selection and sizing of BAC evaporative cooling equipment.
  • Layout, noise, capacity control and plume considerations.
  • Delivery, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance.
  • Platforms and ladder systems for access for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Civil, electrical and mechanical works.
  • Removal and demolition.

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Aftermarket support:

Lead management offers on time and reliable services on BAC product applications.

We have expertise and technology to meet your cooling tower service requirements, repair to extending or upgrading your existing tower, to complete replacement.

Regular inspections of your cooling tower by competent people who know what to look for protects your investment and ensures that plant production operates without disruption and at full capacity.

We provide inspections, replacement parts and service or repairs, regardless of make, model or original equipment supplier.

BAC supplies and installs quality replacement parts and components that are fit for purpose. The installation of these parts and components will improve operating efficiency and extend the life of the cooling tower.

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